Fedora-desktop-list digest, Vol 1 #18 - 1 msg

Colin Charles linux at bytebot.net
Mon Dec 1 13:09:56 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 07:38, Fernando Fernandez wrote:
>  I was thinking of making an alternate icon for myself to replace "the
> hat on the panel". Maybe something slightly different to reflect fedora.
> I was considering making the hat's brim more angular and putting a
> feather in the black band.
> 	WHat does everyone think about this?

The Fedora != Red Hat after all. They've got a copyright on the Shadow
Man logo, but not on the Fedora.

I think the red-colored Fedora is actually quite nice to look at. This
after taking into consideration people's confusion as to "Red Hat is
dead, now what" attitutdes.

But show us an alternative and I'm sure we could vote on it.
Colin Charles, byte at aeon.com.my

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