Bluesquared... (not finished yet)

Trae McCombs occy at
Mon Dec 1 19:55:53 UTC 2003

Hey gang,

I wanted to also put this out there... 

I worked for a wee bit on trying to get Bluecurved to be squared.  I've
fixed the corners, and simply need someone *cough*garrett*cough* who is
a metacity theme God to tell me how to do the buttons.  

You can see a partially implemented version of it here:

I actually removed the round part of the buttons until I can get it
fixed, you can download what I've done so far here:

Which will result in something looking like this:

Here is what I hope it will look like in the end:

Which, the above, is essentially a mockup, since I've not been able to
figure it out yet.

I would like to make a motion that the final "Bluesquared" theme, be a
part of Fedora.  So you'd have a choice of having the rounded corners,
or the squared off corners.  I am not interested in having any credit
for this work that I've done, since it's only 0.0000001%(or much less)
of any of the work that's even gone into the theme making.  I simply
want to have a really cool squared version of "Bluecurve". :)

That is all...

Trae McCombs

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