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Garrett LeSage garrett at redhat.com
Mon Dec 1 21:58:03 UTC 2003

Jon W. Bius wrote:

> Seriously...... I never use the Main Menu on the panel..... but the 
> users of the other OS are familiar with the concept of "go" and 
> "start", etc. 

I use it to start apps on my system that aren't shortcut icons on my 
panel.  It's easy enough to add the icons to the panel (think 
"terminal") if they're going to be in use often enough.

> Could just as easily contain the "F" in the Fedora font.

Similar to the Fedora website's favicon?

> (If I could ever find out what the font actually is.... anyone? 
> anyone? Bueller?)

It's a somewhat tweaked version of Myriad Bold Italic with modified 
kerning and tweaked "F" and "d" characters. 

I've mentioned it elsewhere before, but it's probably in an email or two 
somewhere in the deluge of other mailing list emails (probably in 
fedora-list or fedora-devel-list).

The logos (for both Fedora Core and Fedora Project) are available on my 
people page directory.

Fedora artwork:

Fedora logos:


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