Desktop Graphics Approval committee?

Steven Garrity stevelist at
Wed Dec 3 01:11:49 UTC 2003

Havoc Pennington wrote:

 > I tend to say there's a committee with one person on it,
 > namely Garrett ;-)

As long as the work remains at this caliber, this is a great idea. The 
project clearly benefits from the consistency gained from having a clear 
graphics/visual leader.

 > Code surely suffers from design by committee, but graphics seem to
 > suffer even more.


 > The point is to be sure the defaults stay consistent and attractive, I
 > don't think there's any need to suppress alternate themes, though I'd
 > say the default install should try to keep a nice sane set of choices
 > that appeal to a variety of people.

Also agreed. Customization can be ok, but good defaults are an order of 
magnitude more important.

Keep up the good work,
Steven Garrity
steven at

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