Desktop Graphics Approval committee?

Trae McCombs occy at
Wed Dec 3 02:10:16 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 17:39, froZenX wrote:
> I really like the mockup you made for BlueCurve, its really great to look at
> after using the UI 1 billion times booting up and on (not that I am bored of
> BC, but a little difference is a good thing ;) )

Thanks bunches... Again though, what I have for download is just a hack
and should be considered as just that.  The final version should simply
be the Bluecurved theme with squared off edges and buttons. I wouldn't
change a thing from the default Bluecurved on the "official" Bluesquared
other than said curves.

If of course, there ever is an official Bluesquared. :) (*crossing

Trae McCombs
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