Desktop Graphics Approval committee?

Marky Goldstein ready at
Wed Dec 3 05:56:51 UTC 2003

It is not the one with the best graphics who wins. It's the
one with the best visual and artistics systematics who can
deliver more styles in less time. It's about a revolutionary
system that is needed.

I still want to push the point, that having a core designer
is good. But having a open design system is more powerful.

We could also throw up some serious money, invite 10
GUI design companies and choose the best design. That's
how you do this the professional way.

Neither of these ways is excluding the other, I guess.

Apple is still the one to beat ;-> Go and have a look at
 From a business point of view, one needs to imitate Win
But maybe freedom is still the way to go...

Best regards,

jason pratt wrote:

>On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 02:13, Marky Goldstein wrote:
>>Anyway, this means we need themes (includinging icons and everything 
>>which make up a theme), we need theme design tools (for the artists and 
>>design companies, etc.)
>I'm a quiet observer, but I do agree. There needs to be tools for
>helping in the creation of themes for both gnome and kde. I for one
>would love to see GUI based tools to helps with themeing from themeing
>the GDM to creating a window decoration and widget designer. Something
>like what the windows world has in SkinStudio
>( for windowblinds and
>logonstudio ( for creating
>logon screen which is equal to the GDM.  These type of tools help in the
>creation of such things. Right now I'm weeding thru the xml and learning
>it somewhat by trying to create a customized GDM that resembles the
>simplistic and elegant grey boot screen.  Once again a graphical tool to
>help place the items where I want them etc. Would be out of this world. 
>This is just a thought. I know you folks have never seen me before but
>thought I'd partake in this little conversation.

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