BlueCurve Mozilla Theme

Mariano Draghi mdraghi at
Fri Dec 5 14:35:50 UTC 2003

Hi, I just posted this to the "standard" fedora-list, but later I found 
this list, which seems much more appropiate.

Given the facts that Fedora makes its own builds of Mozilla, and that
BlueCurve is the default "look-and-feel" of the distro, it would be very
nice if we included the BlueCurve Mozilla theme with the Mozilla RPMs,
and make it the default.
The theme can be found here:
I don't know how "official" this theme is (it isn't at MozDev...), but
it's complete, works very well, and Mozilla looks much more integrated
to Fedora with this.

I don't know if this is the right place to make such a sugestion... if
it isn't, please, could you be so kind of pointing me to the right
place? I really would like if someone in charge of this kind of stuff
had a look at it.


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