How to change the panel icon?

AuntieParticle AuntieParticle at
Fri Dec 5 21:06:43 UTC 2003

Troy Dawson wrote:

> AuntieParticle wrote:
>> For some reason when I updated from RH9 to FC1 I lost me Red Hat Icon
>> and now have the Gnome Foot :( I see there is talk about creating a new
>> Icon for this purpose so I am assuming there is some way to change it. I
>> would be happy to go back to the Red Hat for the time being... or
>> anything thing other than the foot. I seem to be able to change all
>> other icons on the panel but that one. Can someone tell me how to 
>> change it?
>> Thanks,
>> AP
> I believe it is here
> /usr/share/pixmaps/redhat-main-menu.png
> But if you just do a
> locate redhat-main-menu.png
> and then change all of the icons you find there until it changes, then 
> that will get the job done as well.
> Troy
I think I figured out what happened. I went to the redhat-main-menu.png 
and it is the same one I used to see on my panel. So, I thought 
something might have happen to change it to the gnome foot when I 
changed to a different desktop theme after ungrading to FC1. I changed 
back to the bluecurve theme and restarted the desktop and my RedHat icon 
is back. It's just a little odd that I used to switch themes in HR9 all 
the time and this never happened before. 


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