How to change the panel icon?

AuntieParticle AuntieParticle at
Fri Dec 5 21:28:28 UTC 2003

Garrett LeSage wrote:

> AuntieParticle wrote:
>> For some reason when I updated from RH9 to FC1 I lost me Red Hat Icon
>> and now have the Gnome Foot :( I see there is talk about creating a new
>> Icon for this purpose so I am assuming there is some way to change it. 
> There is no discussion to change the icon.  See:

This is the message that sent me here...

> Several people have volunteered to contribute alternate hats, some 
> red, some blue, some green, some grey, some black, some purple, some 
> with feathers -- and a few purple ones with feathers of varying colors 
> (yellow, red, white, etc.), too.  I've seen many variations... even 
> with a few drawn using XPaint.

Red with purple hat band and feather would be nice too....

> There isn't a need to change it, however.  The red fedora makes sense, 
> as this is, after all, Fedora... and it's a Fedora. 

The only reason I see for changing it would be "just for fun", which I 
think is sort of a Linus Torvalds* */Linux way of thinking, and I like 
it :)

> So, for the time being, it is what it is.  (: 

Okay, it a pretty attractive hat. A lot better than the gnome foot, in 
my opinion.

> (It should probably be customizable, but that's another matter entirely.)

An easily customizable choice, link the "properties" button when right 
clicking panel launcher icons would be wonderful.... then we could all 
have a new hat every week if we wanted it.


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