FC2 Desktop wishlist: fix metacity focus bug: 115072

Trae McCombs occy at occy.net
Mon Dec 8 15:46:42 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I was quite upset when FC1 was launched, and the following bug was
allowed to permeate through: 


I know this is a gnome problem, but...  It really isn't.  

Here is the question I ask: Is there any one focus mode that's any more
important than another?  Let's say if sloppy focus were borked, would we
still have allowed for a broken Metacity to be shipped in FC1?  I highly
doubt it.  As outlined in the above URL, the problem is the focus method
of: Sloppy Focus w/Click to Raise.

I'm sure tons of people used this focus method, but were quite perplexed
when they could no longer simply click anywhere on a window to raise,
and had to actually click on the title bar.

At any rate, This is my wish for FC2, to be able to have the focus mode
fixed. I have not been able to update my wife's desktop from RH9 to FC1,
as she uses this focus mode(so do I) and can't live without it.

Thanks for your time,

PS. I sent this to this list, as opposed to fedora-devel because it is a
desktop issue, not an internals issue.  If someone feels this should be
directed to fedora-devel, let me know.

Trae McCombs
founder: themes.org || linux.com

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