Proposing fvwm. [was]Re: Adding another desktop (ice)

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Dec 11 01:52:01 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 20:29, Alex Wallis wrote:
> I was led to believe that to be considered for inclusion a suitable
> window manager should provide both i18n/internationalisation AND
> a11y/accessibility support.

This certainly isn't necessary for inclusion in fedora extras, or even
always a requirement for core. The point about i18n/a11y and other
issues such as those at
are really about selecting the defaults.

>  However, fvwm does provide the former, but
> documentation on methods of including a11y support appears to be sparse,
> so we are still investigating this. If anyone can provide some useful
> url's on a11y we would be most grateful.

The a11y pages are probably the best source of info.

> It is our hope that perhaps once these adjustments have been made that
> fvwm and fvwm-themes packages may be considered for inclusion into the
> fedora extras trees. Please feel free to offer any suggestions that may
> assist us in this endeavour.

I'd say fvwm is an obvious and uncontroversial addition to fedora
extras, and would be unlikely to appear in fedora core.


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