FC2 Desktop wishlist: fix metacity focus bug: 115072

Garrett LeSage garrett at redhat.com
Thu Dec 11 20:19:29 UTC 2003

Trae McCombs wrote:

>On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 13:31, Rob Park wrote:
>>Trae McCombs wrote:
>>>I was quite upset when FC1 was launched, and the following bug was
>>>allowed to permeate through: 
>>I have a feeling that you'll *really* like KDE, especially 3.2 when it 
>>comes out. It allows you to configure the focus model, and you can get 
>>pretty much anything. :)
>If I weren't so picky, and liked the consistency of things in GNOME on
>Fedora, I would use KDE.  It allows you to do all the things I want to
>do.  The biggest problem I have with KDE is that not a single
>theme/style/whatever that I've found for KDE has as good a look and feel
>as the Bluecurve setup does.  Also, KDE has issues when it comes to
>panel applets.  People like to put way too much chrome on things, and
>things end up looking clunky.  GNOMEs panel applets feel integrated, and
>not an afterthought. 
>The biggest thing is, I've tried very hard, at my friend Garrett's
>suggestion, to use the defaults in Redhat8/9 and now Fedora Core 1.0.  I
>really like the work he's done, it's sad though that people can
>arbitrarily kill off another persons feature without getting feedback
>from the community.  I guess this is where the whole "If you don't like
>what I do go code something else yourself" mentality comes in to play.
>IMHO, that shouldn't be the way to run a desktop environment.  Before
>taking out major features, the community at large should be consulted.
>Then, and only then, should things be removed or added.

We simply cannot consult everyone nor should we take into account 
everyone's opinion.  If we did that, the the desktop would contain every 
feature available in a clunky interface and would lack consistency.  I 
don't think that's the right way to go.

(Having input from the community _is_ valuable though; don't take the 
above paragraph out of context. *smile*)

That being said, having sloppy focus with a click to raise a window is 
something I'd like too, as long as the click is passed through.  I get 
around it by having autoraise turned on, but it's still annoying at 
times, especially in the GIMP (which is the reason why I'm using 
autoraise in the first place).

When you interact with a window, you expect it to react.  I've closed 
the wrong window in the GIMP several times due to focus not being passed 
correctly, including various docks which I cannot get back the way I 
want without reconfiguring for several minutes.  Other times it's a 
document I was working on that I would have to reopen.  It's highly 
annoying, especially since Metacity (at one point in time) did the right 


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