FC2 Desktop wishlist: fix metacity focus bug: 115072

Andre Meyer a.meyer at hccnet.nl
Thu Dec 11 20:41:43 UTC 2003

> If I weren't so picky, and liked the consistency of things in GNOME on
> Fedora, I would use KDE.  It allows you to do all the things I want to
> do.  The biggest problem I have with KDE is that not a single
> theme/style/whatever that I've found for KDE has as good a look and feel
> as the Bluecurve setup does.  Also, KDE has issues when it comes to
> panel applets.  People like to put way too much chrome on things, and
> things end up looking clunky.  GNOMEs panel applets feel integrated, and
> not an afterthought. 

What a wonderful statement! I do fully agree on that KDE is too flashy
to be useful. Bluecurve is a wonderful piece of art and usefulness.
Great style and usability. Please, do not make Gnome imitate that techy
style interface where you need to wear shades before you can achieve
anything at all.

Of course, there are things in Gnome that are frustrating, but let's be
optimistic, supportive and helpful about these.

One thing about Gnome that is frustrating is the bad copy/paste or even
drag/drop support. Media integration could be improved. Fonts are still
not as fantastic as they should be. And more things that should be
fixed, but I stop here.

All in all, Gnome is a marvellous environment and would not want to be
forced to use anything else.

Ok, I have to admit that I was shown MacOS X and I was impressed, but
that is probably beyond the scope of this discussion...

Many thanks to Havoc and the people around him. They do a wonderful job.
Let's support them to make Gnome even better.

king regards

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