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Julien Olivier julo at altern.org
Sun Dec 14 20:54:23 UTC 2003

> I'd have to disagree. Red Hats modification of the default GNOME desktop
> is by far a more professional unified look.  It's one of the best
> looking gnome desktops in a distribution period. If they went with a
> default GNOME redhat/fedora would loose alot of appeal to me,
> personally. 

As a GNOME user, I would even like it better if most of what Redhat
changes in the default GNOME was changed in upstream GNOME. For example,
I would *love* to see Bluecurve (GTK style, icons and metacity theme)
become GNOME's default theme. But I understand that for branding
reasons, Redhat wouldn't like that though.

Julien Olivier <julo at altern.org>

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