3D screensavers - separate package

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Mon Dec 15 21:05:01 UTC 2003

Troy Dawson (dawson at fnal.gov) said: 
> Although 3D graphics cards are becoming more and more common, not all 
> machines have them, or have 3D turned on.  As such, since the default 
> screensaver is random, it's only a matter of time before a machine pulls 
> one up.
> For a machine with a 3D enabled card, this is no big deal, and can be quite 
> pretty.
> For a machine that is doing all the 3D effects via software, it can slow 
> the machine down, grind it to a halt, get it extremely hot, etc ...
> Can Fedora pull out it's screensavers that need/want 3D hardware 
> acceleration, and bundle them into a separate 3d-screensavers rpm?

No, for various reasons, including:

- there's no good way to key packages as 'install this if you
  have hardware 3d support'
- the 2d screensavers can (and do) chew just as much CPU as the 3d

Patches that allow switching automatically to the blank screensaver
in the case of running on battery, etc. would certainly be considered;
you'd probably want to hook into the dbus event framework for getting
power events from the kernel in the future.


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