3D screensavers - separate package

Garrett LeSage garrett at redhat.com
Mon Dec 15 22:49:13 UTC 2003

seth vidal wrote:

>>No, for various reasons, including:
>>- there's no good way to key packages as 'install this if you
>>  have hardware 3d support'
>>- the 2d screensavers can (and do) chew just as much CPU as the 3d
>>  ones
>>Patches that allow switching automatically to the blank screensaver
>>in the case of running on battery, etc. would certainly be considered;
>>you'd probably want to hook into the dbus event framework for getting
>>power events from the kernel in the future.
>I'd encourage the screensavers to be packaged as:
>I abhor ALL screensavers as they frequently cause lockups on odd video
>cards. I'd love to remove all the 'fun' ones and just have
>screenblank+lock in xscreensaver.
>Do you think that would be permissable? Still have all the fun ones
>default to installed but be removable.

It would be nice to include a basic no-frills, low-cpu usage "Fedora" 
screensaver (just pop up the Fedora logo in random places for a short 
while) and the blank one, as well as a few of the nicer ones... then 
toss the rest in an extras package.

We could default to the Fedora-branded screensaver (it would simply use 
a PNG so that the image could be easily swapped out).

Of course, this is just my personal $0.02, so take that into account.  (:


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