3D screensavers - separate package

Michael Fivis michaelfivis at verizon.net
Tue Dec 16 00:08:18 UTC 2003

/    It would be nice to include a basic no-frills, low-cpu usage 
"Fedora" screensaver (just pop up     the Fedora logo in random places 
for a short while)
/   I think we can live without constant reminder that this isn't windows.
and the blank one, as well as a few of the nicer ones... then toss the 
rest in an extras package. We could default to the Fedora-branded 
screensaver (it would simply use a PNG so that the image could be easily 
swapped out). Of course, this is just my personal $0.02, so take that 
into account.  (: Garrett

/As for this seperate package business-- While I recognize the need for 
some hardware setups to avoid the 3D frills, it really seems irrelevant 
to be able to avoid all 3D and leave the low-cpu ones.
Leave it as blankscreen for default- maybe to avoid woo-ing Fedora 
newcomers, and keeping them a little more focused on the task of 
learning a new operating system rather than getting their background and 
color scheme correct immediately after an install.
One of the notable points I read in the last couple messages was the one 
concerning the login-prompt to unlock the screen. I second any motion to 
redesign it as fit- because it does look a bit crude and old-school 

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