3D screensavers - separate package

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Dec 16 01:41:59 UTC 2003

> It would be nice to include a basic no-frills, low-cpu usage "Fedora" 
> screensaver (just pop up the Fedora logo in random places for a short 
> while) and the blank one, as well as a few of the nicer ones... then 
> toss the rest in an extras package.

I say junk the 'nicer' ones into the subpackage. Just a base:
xscreensaver that is blank and 'fedora'  and nothing else.

All the extra frilly screensavers get into a xscreensaver-extras

> We could default to the Fedora-branded screensaver (it would simply use 
> a PNG so that the image could be easily swapped out).

Sounds fine to me as long as I don't have a list of, conservatively,
180+ screensavers in the current pkg.

Speaking of that isn't there someone in the HIG people who thinks that a
select list of 180 options is an abomination?


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