Visual Treatment of Window Borders in Bluecurve

Tony Grant tony at
Tue Dec 16 07:02:15 UTC 2003

Le lun 15/12/2003 à 21:52, Steven Garrity a écrit :
> The (wonderful) BlueCurve theme seems to have eliminated any visual 
> distinction between window borders and the contents of the window. It 
> has also eliminated the visual distinction between resizable and 
> non-resizable windows (was there ever a distinction?).
> This does simplify things visually, which is nice – but it does force 
> the user to guess whether an window is resizable or to fish for the 
> resizing cursor.

There isn't enough contrast between the left and bottom borders and the
window background color. This is a bug IMHO

Do we have a Gnome menu guru on the list? I am having some problems...

Also yum upgrade to Fedora Core 1 broke CUPS... 


Tony Grant

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