3D screensavers - separate package

Colin Charles linux at bytebot.net
Wed Dec 17 10:57:24 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 23:26, seth vidal wrote:
> > Patches that allow switching automatically to the blank screensaver
> > in the case of running on battery, etc. would certainly be considered;
> > you'd probably want to hook into the dbus event framework for getting
> > power events from the kernel in the future.
> I'd encourage the screensavers to be packaged as:
> xscreensaver-blank
> allotherscreensavers.


> I abhor ALL screensavers as they frequently cause lockups on odd video
> cards. I'd love to remove all the 'fun' ones and just have
> screenblank+lock in xscreensaver.

I'd like to warn those that Web Collage is something I love to use, but
of late, more and more questionable images are being picked up!

Was at a training class recently, and some pornography was shown on the
large screen!

This is something that can get employees in companies in trouble. Sexual
harassment laws and so on tend to come into play, no?
Colin Charles, byte at aeon.com.my

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