New GNOME splash screen.

Garrett LeSage garrett at
Fri Dec 19 21:52:15 UTC 2003

Jon Atkinson wrote:

> Hi,
>    I've just modified the default Fedora Core 1 GNOME splash screen. I 
> moved the lighter box upwards slightly so that the splash icons appear 
> in the middle of the box rather than slightly offset, as they did 
> before. It's only a small improvement, and I don't even know if the 
> splash screen format will be the same in FC2 (though I didn't see any 
> mention of GNOME 2.6 in the next release schedule), but I'd like to 
> submit it.
>    Which brings me to my next question; how? Should I attach it to a 
> list message, or is there somewhere to find out who I should email it 
> to directly? I see no clear guidelines on the Desktop project page.



In testing, I had a different font than what the final shipped with, so 
the offset happened.  If you send me the file directly (as it should be 
small enough for email), then I can (eventually*) fix the AI file, 
re-export, and roll the changes back in to the artwork package.

* I'm about to leave the office for the Christmas and New Years 
holidays, so there will most likely be a couple week delay.


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