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Re: Adding another desktop (ice)

Garrett LeSage wrote:
Troy Dawson wrote:

What would be involved in trying to get another desktop officially into Fedora?

I am thinking of ice, for those people with machines without much memory, or who just wish a lightweight window manager. But I am meaning this question to be more general.
So far I have come up with the following list.

Well maintained rpm.
Bluecurve theme (on by default)
Menu structure consistent with other desktops
Integration into gdm and/or desktop switcher
stamp of approval from Garrett
stamp of approval from rest of Fedora governing body

Am I missing anything?

And on a related note, if one were to get the first 3 or 4 done, is it even feasible that the stamps of approval will happen, or will this be something that will only get into fedora-extra?

This would be a great addition to Fedora-extras or some external yum repository.

Concerning its inclusion in the base, Fedora Core, I think Trae McCombs sums it up great in a recent post to fedora-devel-list:


If it's supposed to go in fedora extra's, then I'll go there.
Though I do think there should be at least one small, usable, desktop in the core. Basically with Fedora, and RedHat, people have the choice of an extremely heavy desktop, or no usable desktop.

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