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Re: Screensavers in FC3

I've been trying to hack up a basic logo display/slideshow screensaver,
but it's quite difficult. Would anybody with experience using
xscreensaver/screenhack.h/xlib be willing to help or take over? What
I've got so far is here: http://www.linuxgrrl.com/ss/ - a modification
to grenetic.

Here are my nominations for each category, for what it's worth:

> How about a four way split (feel free to come up with better names)?
> screensavers-base
1. Popsquares
2. Attraction Splines
3. Halo
4. Halftone
5. Phosphor
6. Font Glide 
7. Font Glide Scroller
8. Slide screen

> screensavers-3d
1.  Atlantis
2.  Bouncing Cow
3.  Circuit
4.  Endgame
5.  Flying Toasters
6.  Lavalite
7.  queens
8.  Atunnel
9.  GL snake
10. GL Blur

> screensavers-pretty (all judged to be better than the ones in misc)
1. metaballs
2. polytopes
3. shadebobs
4. glmatrix
5. xmatrix
6. stairs 
7. Flurry
8. eruption

Also came up with two other categories looking through them:

Desktop Distortions:
1. decay screen
2. ripples (desktop)
3. rot zoomer
4. rot zoomer sweep
5. slide screen
6. spotlight
7. twang
8. zoom fatbits
9. Distort

1. phosphor
2. star wars
3. GL text
4. Font Glide 
5. Font Glide Scroller

> screensavers-misc (all of the ones you'd love to leave out completely)

> Now let's nominate some screensavers that are not resource intensive 
> (ie, not 3d and don't take up more than say 25% CPU on a computer 3-4 
> years old) and pleasing to the eye to make a list totaling 10 or less.  
> I can think of some now, but can't think of their name right now.
> So, what say you?

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