test plans

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Thu Jul 29 19:15:14 UTC 2004


I'd like to see some more detailed test plans for the Fedora desktop.
These need not be complicated or long, just a set of basic things we
want to try out in each of the major apps and in the OS itself.

Here are some notes I have on things we might include. I know that some
of these tests would not pass at the moment, no need to point that out

 - basic run through a login session; log in, log out, launch some 
   apps; does anything embarassing happen
 - install previous version of the OS; log in to a user account, 
   play with some things, change settings; tar up and save the 
   user home directory; install current version of the OS, 
   and unpack same user home directory; repeat the above basic
   run through a login session
 - develop list of major apps that must be tested, check basic
   functionality of each. e.g. browser, office, mail, IM, etc.
 - input methods work in these apps
 - printing works properly in all 10 languages from these major apps
 - Windows printers are detected and shown automatically in print
 - CUPS printers are detected and shown automatically in print dialog
 - in Nautilus, verify that Windows file shares appear automatically 
   and the files there can be opened on double click, specifically 
   check MS Office files
 - verify that plugging in several representative USB storage devices
   results in them appearing on the desktop and working
 - verify that if a local USB printer is plugged in, it is automatically
   configured and made available
 - verify that on plugging a network cable the link is automatically 
   brought up and dhcp run
 - verify that wireless networking can be used without resorting
   to the command line at all
 - login to FC1/2, login to FC3 same homedir, run through 
   major apps and check for confusion with shared NFS homedir
 - login on two different machines, same homedir, with same FC 
   version, check for badness
 - login twice on same machine same user and check for badness
 - test lockdown of settings, ensure desktop behaves properly and 
   user can't avoid the lockdown
 - test X on some list of video hardware; automated smoke test
 - accessibility, e.g. test screen reader and onscreen keyboard
 - correct fonts used in 10 languages for set of common font 
 - suite of Microsoft documents to be imported correctly
   (screenshots of correct appearance?)
 - suite of web pages to render correctly
 - cut-and-paste to/from a big matrix of sources/targets
 - out of disk space, behavior on login and when saving 
   from the major apps
 - set date/time backward, see if desktop or login breaks
 - run any test suites we have for specific components
 - verify that all browser plugins work (including 
   the proprietary ones available from third parties)
 - verify important MIME associations, e.g. .doc opens in 
   OpenOffice.org, etc.
 - test use of an Active Directory account for Linux login

As you can see from the list, the plans need to be more specific, and
point to the files (tarred up homedirs, web pages, office documents,
etc.) to be used.


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