test plans

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Thu Jul 29 22:48:48 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 16:06, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> Is this aimed at other developers, or is this list aimed for testers to run?

I'd like the developers to help define the tests, then I figure Red Hat
QA guys will run as much of it as they can, and Red Hat developers and
perhaps Fedora contributors (if there's interest) can pitch in and help
run the rest of it.

> I'd very much like to see a set of tasks laid out for community
> testers to work through in an organized way... homework assignments
> for lack of a better phrase. I've been waiting on the prophetic CMS
> system for fedora's website instead going off on my own and starting a
> crappy attempt to write a testing guide.  But if this a serious
> attempt to codify a set of specific tasks for people to test and
> report back failures on, I'm more than willing to help generate things
> like office documents if I still don't have access to contributing
> webpage text for the guide.

That sounds great. I wouldn't wait for us to have a wiki, you can always
write content elsewhere, including fedora.us wiki, and then we can move
stuff to the wiki when we have it. Or whatever.

I don't know what the best approach is. Maybe we should put the files to
be used in the tests in an RPM package - then the kickstart files for
the test machines can just include that package ;-)

The Mozilla smoke test caillon posted looks like exactly the right kind
of thing that we should have covering all the major desktop bits.


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