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Re: GDM Suggestion

On Sat, 2004-05-01 at 19:21, Matt Hansen wrote:
> Seemed as in not any more or seemed as in you guys (Red Hat) are in the
> process of deciding whether to switch to upstream method?

Seemed as in I remember some discussion along those lines but I don't
know if anyone finally decided.

> So, what was this "elaborate rationale" for keeping Red Hat's patch for
> using switchdesk?

I don't remember the whole set of issues but I think it was basically so
that a) switchdesk would appear to do something (it only works if you
are using the "Default" gdm session which runs ~/.Xclients, so if you'd
chosen a session in gdm switchdesk would seem busted) and b) so that if
someone had run switchdesk historically they wouldn't get reverted to
the default desktop on upgrade.

Part of the issue is that switchdesk works with startx and kdm, but I
don't think we should care about that anymore honestly. kdm could have
similar functionality, and in the startx case someone is using command
line already and can edit .Xclients.


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