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Re: Performance tuning the Fedora Desktop

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 17:11, Will Cohen wrote:
> What is the set of software in the "Desktop" (executable names and/or
> RPM packages)?

The default desktop is GNOME + Mozilla + OpenOffice.org + Evolution. 
gnome-*, evolution, mozilla, ooffice. 

Fedora Core also includes KDE (most of /usr/bin/k*), Epiphany, XFCE, and
other choices.

> What specific performance problems have people observed so far in the
> desktop?  For example heavy CPU or memory usage by particular
> applications. Another example long latency between event and resulting
> action.

Startup/login times are the most visible latencies, but also repaint
(during opaque window resize for example, or opening a menu).

> What performance tools have people used so far to identify performance
> problems with desktop applications?

speedprof, strace -t, memprof, printf-with-clock()/gettimeofday(),
Soeren's kernel module.


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