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Re: Performance tuning the Fedora Desktop

On Sun, 2004-05-09 at 08:39, Warren Togami wrote:
> Will Cohen wrote:
> > I work on performance tools at Red Hat. I have been told there is
> > interest in tuning the desktop to improve performance. I have a number
> > of questions to help identify the work needed in this area. I would be 
> > interested in any answers that people have for the following questions.
> > 
> On a somewhat related topic of desktop performance, recently fedora.us 
> Extras has begun experimenting with -Os rather than the standard -O2 
> optimization for our firefox & thunderbird packages.  So far it seems to 
> be working very well, with noticably smaller binary RPMS and runtime 
> memory footprint of these two very large applications.  I asked gcc 
> developers if they had a guess about which -O2 and -Os would be "faster" 
> for large applications like firefox & thunderbird.  They generally 
> replied that they have no idea, because compiler optimization is an 
> inexact science.  All kinds of other factors come into play like smaller 
> memory footprint (less swapping), smaller code size (maybe better use of 
> CPU cache).
> Have there been any past discussions about changing the standard 
> compiler optimization for perhaps FC3?

Well, I think you've described a wonderful project that someone could do
... recompile the desktop packages with -Os and do some timing. That's
the only way we'd know whether we should change the optimization flags
or not.


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