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System Freezing Completely

Hello List,

I had very bad freezing of the system,twice today morning - the kind one usually associates only with MS Windows and not Linux - quite unexpectedly.

I was running Opera Browser-7.23 version and wget-1.8.2-15.3 at the time.I have used Opera earlier and not seen this kind of problem.This problem repeated when wget was running alone too.

Only change in my system since installation was new modemboard based on smartlink chipset and driver slmdm-version 2.7.14.
I could not change over to either commandline-mode (ctrl+alt+F1) or invoke sysguard program to kill anyof these applications.Keyboard and mouse were dead too. I didnot anything else to do.What else is there to do in such a situation? Has anybody had this kind of problem in Fedora or Linux in general ?

Parameshwara Bhat
Using M2, Opera's revolutionary e-mail client: http://www.opera.com/m2/

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