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Re: Shared Calendars

Thank you Jon for your excellent write up. We have reviewed the same set
of options you list and have come to pretty much the same conclusions
with respect to the items you list and the desired requirements. One
thing you didn't list which we do feel is important is not only offering
an open source calender server, but also providing a MS Exchange
connection as this represents current reality for the corporate market
we would like to penetrate. With open source clients this allows for a
migration path from current proprietary installations to full open

We are in the process of setting up and evaluating the OpenGroupware
(OGo) suite as that now seems to be the strongest contender and I'm
pleased to hear you also give it your nod. We also looked at Horde but
drew the conclusion, perhaps hastily, it was too web centric.

If you have other input or experiences that would help guide us we would
love to get more input from you as it seems like you've had some
experience in this area.


John Dennis <jdennis redhat com>

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