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Re: XFce category

fre, 14.05.2004 kl. 10.50 skrev Ed Mack:
> > I wonder if it is possible a subsection or category to fedora installer, 
> > where we can shoose to install XFce (like KDE or GNOME)
> I don't really like this idea, as many users still stumble on KDE or
> Gnome (giving a screenshot of the default config for each would help
> them a bit) choice, I don't think more is the answer. I like Xfce, and I
> think that it should be in the apt/yum repositories as an option, but on
> that interested users must decide themselves as Xfce is really that
> great for beginners (take the file manager as an example), whereas KDE
> and Gnome bring the whole system together more cohesivly

I think the fedora core should be kept as small or even smaller than it
is now. The whole point of "core" is that it's the core, and if you want
other things you can install them from some kind of extra source, maybe
we can have a extra cd, that isn't required, containing these packages
and other extra packages that some people need, but most can do without.
We need to keep the core small, and then have a good, clear way for
people to add extras. 

Sindre Pedersen Bjordal <foolish guezz net>

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