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Re: Fedora cd artwork: Covers, CD-labels etc.

I was wondering, do any of you know of any Fedora artwork that can be
made into a cover and CD-label for my Fedora CD-set or maybe even some
finished covers or cd-labels?

If someone not as artistically retarded as me decided to make
like this, will it be ok (as in legal) to distribute it?

I know that you can find the Fedora logos here as vectors:


But i haven't found a large RedHat Fedora picture around. (You know the RedHat which is used in the start menu).

Hope that helps.

Actually, the red hat (a fedora even!) image used for the start menu is not really an official Red Hat logo or anything, its just a random red hat. I doubt it exists in a larger version.

That's a shame - I had been looking high and low for one for quite some time. Thanks for letting me know.

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