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Re: FC2: gnome-terminal takes much longer to startup than Mozilla

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 12:22, Troy Dawson wrote:

> This was discussed earlier in the thread "Performance tuning the Fedora 
> Desktop".  I think Warren had the real explanation, though I'm certain there 
> could be others.
> -----------
> In FC2 things have changed for the worse for gnome-terminal performance, where 
> it has become far worse than both konsole and xterm.  A GNOME developer 
> explained to me that was the trade-off necessary in making gnome-terminal able 
> to display unicode characters with pango.  I do admit it is nice to have that 
> ability, and it is awesome to see CJK characters working in gnome-terminal, 
> but at the same time I wish it were faster.
> Very often I am forced to minimize my gnome-terminal sessions in order to 
> prevent 100% CPU usage while using remote ssh sessions or building something 
> locally.  The bottleneck is always my terminal CPU usage. =(
> Warren Togami
> -----------

As I said on the earlier thread, VTE is *EXACTLY THE SAME VERSION* in
FC1 and FC2.


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