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Re: FC2: gnome-terminal takes much longer to startup than Mozilla

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 16:31 -0400, Will Cohen wrote:
> Funny, I learned about passing xterm a command to execute from your 
> email. :)

Well that's good to hear. :)  The -e switch works with gnome-terminal
too, incidentally. 

> Remember the our goal is to improve the performance of the Linux 
> Desktop, not to be correct every single time.

True, being correct every single time doesn't hurt either. :)

> PS I learned today that gnome actually uses gnome-terminal rather than 
> xterm.

It does, and it definitely could stand some performance improvements.  I
don't think it's _vastly_ slower than xterm (once it's started), but it
does often get in the way.

I think it was Warren who mentioned that he has to minimize
gnome-terminal when he's doing a noisy compile otherwise it
significantly slows down.  That's certainly true for me too (although I
just toggle to another tab), but I'm not sure if the real problem is
with gnome-terminal, pango, or the underlying font system -- or perhaps
at layers even lower than that, like really bad or non-existent Render
support in the video driver.


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