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Re: Small features for improving Abby's experience

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 15:20 -0400, Seth Nickell wrote: 
> A collection of smaller features that have a relatively high
> impact-on-abby/work ratio:

> * Show file attachments (but not little attachments like keys?) as first
> class objects. File attachments are usually more important to Abby than
> their containing messages

How would this look in the UI?

> * Let Abby mark e-mail messages as tasks, and have due dates set on
> them. E-mail is the most common place for people to store todo items.
> Support this existing behavior better.

Evolution has half of this feature already.  If you rightclick on an
email and select "Follow Up" you can enter a day (and time) by which the
email needs to be followed up.  But it doesn't appear then in the tasks
view.  Would it be better to:
(i) perhaps change the UI to make it more obvious what this feature does
(ii) extend the "follow up" feature so that the emails do appear in the
tasks view  (probably by writing a new evolution-data-server backend
that talks to the email store)
(iii) have a way of creating a new task from an email that refers back
to the email? (the easy, hackish approach)


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