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Re: GDM Suggestion


On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 02:14:36AM +0100, Stuart Children wrote:
> I think the issue is that there are two tasks - choosing a session for
> gdm, and choosing a session for startx. For former is handled fine at
> login time by gdm's own code (currently disabled). The problem is really
> when someone wants to change the gdm session whilst logged in. They use
> switchdesk - but switchdesk is really designed for the other task,
> namely choosing a session for startx.
> I propose we solve this by making switchdesk suitable for both tasks -
> so it updates gdm (ie: set the appropriate gconf key) as well as startx
> (ie: writes ~/.Xclients). The default would be to change the setting of
> both, but you should be able to do one or the other. Obviously this
> requires my initial proposal (that switchdesk uses the same session list
> as gdm). There are varying ways you could do the UI for this - I'll try
> to mock up some ideas tomorrow. Again, I am willing to do the coding on
> this!

Waited to see what differences switchdesk had in FC2... awareness of more
desktops, but they're still hardcoded, and it still has the same flaws as
before regarding gdm/startx usage.

So, attached is a mockup of the kind of thing I'm suggesting. Comments 

If this is seen as a good solution, then I would be extremely keen to get
the necessary changes into FC3, and as I mentioned above I'm happy to do 
the coding. Somone at RedHat just needs to say the word. :)



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