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Re: Small features for improving Abby's experience

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 11:14, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Its very important not to require a due date, and to make marking as a
> task very simple (I suspect we should just replace "important" with
> "task", or perhaps just put all important messages in the task list).
> Most tasks don't have due dates, per se, they are just reminders.

The thing that makes this suck most (to me, a representative
nontechnical user - ha) in Evo today is that the calendar/todo is modal
with email. The todo list and calendar should be in some way
ever-present, and when getting a todo item or event via mail I should be
able to add it without closing the mail. 

The little calendar drop-down on the clock might be much more useful if
it were "events and todo items for today" for example, and when marking
an email as a todo it could sort of fly up to that list or something.
When an event is coming up the clock could sort of throb and make a
chime noise or something. I don't know. Maybe it should be a dedicated
gizmo and not a clock. Anyway, you get the general idea, calendar/todo
are pesky as a separate app, they are more like a structure for your day
that should be always available whatever you are working on.


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