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Re: gnome-terminal benchmark

On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 09:52, Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha wrote:

> > The net result 
> > with the suggested change on gnome-terminal is that you get the amount 
> > of time it takes to fire off the command to the gnome-terminal server, 
> > not the amount of time to complete the task. The /usr/bin/time will 
> > finish long before the cat is actually done.
> Oh, yes, I forgot. I usually run gnome-terminal with the options
> --disable-factory --sm-disable. They should prevent the use of a
> gnome-terminal server, giving more meaningful results.

But is it interesting to time the startup time of gnome-terminal? While
that's perhaps an interesting benchmark as well, it has little
correlation with questions like "how fast will my kernel compile
go when run in gnome-terminal"?

If we are measuring wall clock time, timing the cat command seems
to be pretty appropriate.

If we are measuring CPU usage, then we need to find CPU usage from
the terminal *and* from the X server, so we already need to use a
tool like oprofile that can get a global view.


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