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Re: sound subsystem

Behdad Esfahbod escribió:

A couple of months back I configured an ALSA mixer, but after a few seconds of playback, it used to get stuck for no reason. Of course it may have been fixed by now.

I'm using software mixing w/ALSA here. Haven't tested it that much, but so far so good.
And it takes only a ~/.asoundrc file.

 And oh, it needs
applications being configured to use that software mixer device
instead of default ALSA device for playback (xmms, gaim, etc).

Well, someone posted a few days ago a tip on the fedora-list on how to make the software input & output devices the default.
That's the one I'm using, and as long the applications are configured to use ALSA, they end using the sw mixing. I tested it w/ XMMS, Xine and the system sounds in Gnome, it works and I didn't have to tweak anything but just the ~/.asoundrc.

I don't have this thread off hand, but I guess if you search the fedora-list it will pop up.

I think it's a nice default to include... but it needs more testing, though. f.i., I don't know if there's any performance hit by doing this (I suppose there is)



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