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Re: Composite and Metacity.

Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:

I've tried to enable dropshadows in two systems running FC3, in both I stumbled into problems with Metacity. In one system with an nVidia GF FX5900, window borders would be transparent, and only "unmanaged" (borderless) windows would cast shadows (menus, dragged icons, etc), while managed windows would not, the window border would be traslucent, and not cast a shadow. The other system, a laptop, will not focus windows when loged into GNOME, I cannot even run xcompmgr to activate dropshadows when I have active the Composite and RENDER extensions. However KDE works in both systems just fine with dropshadows, why isn't Metacity working as it should? Is there somethening that can be done, do I need a newer metacity or a patched one?


Another update... though the metacity bug as solved, One that was present and I did not play much attention to, still bugs the system in GNOME: The close session panel will not come up, the system will "hang" whenever I press the log-out button.
This issue was already asked in the main fedora-list, but I wonder if the solution found there still applies in this case.

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