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Re: Composite and Metacity.

Soeren Sandmann wrote:

Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:

Another update... though the metacity bug as solved, One that was present and I did not play much attention to, still bugs the system in GNOME: The close session panel will not come up, the system will "hang" whenever I press the log-out button.

This is an issue with the Composite extension. When an application grabs the server, nothing gets drawn because the compositing manager is not having its requests processed. The logout dialog is "there", its just not drawn, so you can actually push all the invisible buttons and they will work. Pressing return will log you out.

This issue was already asked in the main fedora-list, but I wonder if the solution found there still applies in this case.

What was the solution found there? I don't read that list.


Thaks for your insights...

The solution in the main list was to fiddle with the .gnome2/session-manual file (about a white space at the end of the file or something).

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