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Re: Composite and Metacity.

On Sun, 2005-02-06 at 22:21 -0600, Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:
> Another update... though the metacity bug as solved, One that was 
> present and I did not play much attention to, still bugs the system in
> GNOME: The close session panel will not come up, the system will "hang"
> whenever I press the log-out button.

I've had this issue with some previous versions of GNOME/RH. From
memory, the problem was that gnome-session or something wanted to ask a
question and popped up some yes/no box, but the window manager either
wasn't there anymore or didn't function, or whatever, anyway the box
stayed in the background and couldn't be seen or acknowledged.

I suppose, xlsclients or xlsatoms, used from a VT session might help
identifying these kinds of problems.


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