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Re: Fedora will not display remote X

Sorry, I did not make my question clear. X11 through ssh tunnel works fine, no problems. The problem is connecting to fedora X-server from remote host without an ssh X tunnel, even though have run "xhost +" command on fedora, which should open up X-server to all connections as I understand it.

At 03:02 PM 2/16/2005, you wrote:
At least for fc > 3 as client OS (i.e where the X-server resides. the
box with you and the keyboard ;) ), if you want to forward X11 over ssh,
you'l need the -X (and possibly -Y for "full access") flags on the ssh
comand-line, in order to forward X11 over ssh. RTFM...

ons, 16.02.2005 kl. 22.37 skrev Gary P Carr:
> I have a Fedora 1 system I've just set up.
> I cannot seem to get the system to allow display of remote X apps on Fedora
> host.
> I have firewall turned off, try setting "xhost +" to allow all connections,
> but any attempt to run remote application is denied. I can ping fedora
> host, or ssh into it from remote.
> If I ssh to the remote host, then applications run fine through the ssh tunnel.
> I am new to Linux administration, am I missing something simple here?

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