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Re: Fedora will not display remote X

Thank you much;) That was it.

At 03:58 PM 2/16/2005, you wrote:
On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 03:44:15PM -0700, Gary P Carr wrote:
> Sorry, I did not make my question clear. X11 through ssh tunnel works fine,
> no problems. The problem is connecting to fedora X-server from remote host
> without an ssh X tunnel, even though have run "xhost +" command on fedora,
> which should open up X-server to all connections as I understand it.

I understood you the first time, but I haven't access to a FC3
workstation at the moment, so my response may not be 100% accurate on

The gdm in FC3 disables, by default, tcp connections to the X server.

You need to change the option DisallowTCP to false, in

Luciano Rocha

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