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Re: KDE blues

bj wrote:

Hi !

I am running Free X and KDE in my Red Hat 8.0 box .

I have a few queries regarding KDE use . Help is appriciated .

1. How to exit a program which does not have a menu such as FILE/EDIT/VIEW
etc . The circle on the top left hand corner of the active program minimizes
it and turns it into a small icom . The square on the top right hand side is
for changing the size .

So How Do I exit the program.

Ctrl+F4 from the keyboard should always do the trick.

2. If it is possible , How do I change resolution , windows style.

From the KMenu, open 'Control Center' and do to the 'Appearance' section you can choose your styles there. To change your monitors resolution:
KMenu > System Settings > Display

3.If possible , how do I do a print screen on an application such as K-write
or any other application equivalent to microsoft paint ?

KDE gives an program just for that: KMenu > Graphics > KSnapshot

Thank you for your help in advance.


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