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Re: About Boot-loader GRUB

On Tuesday 06 June 2006 23:29, "Claude Yu" <claudeyu optusnet com au> wrote:
> I am downloading Fedora Core-5 iso images and to install side by side with
> Window XP Pro already in the system. I would like someone help to suggest
> the best practice of setting dual-boot menu with Windows XP prof during
> installation.
> To give a bit of information about the existing partitions:
> Window XP Pro together with Mandrake 2006 Free edition running in dual boot
> menu.
> I prepare to erase Mandrake Linux partition(reason: sound problem not fix
> and Mandrake does not support free distribution) and install Fedore Core 5.
>  Do I use GRUB by default?
> Pls someone advises me on claudeyu optusnet com au  will be mostly
> appreicated.

First, this question is off-topic for this list...



When you run the Fedora Core 5 installation, you will be given the opportunity 
to handle your partitioning.  You can manage the partitions however you wish, 
including erasing and replacing existing partitions as needed.  GrUB will be 
installed by default, and the system will detect your Windows XP installation 
and add it to the boot menu automatically.  By default, it will refer to that 
installation as "Other", but you'll have the opportunity to change that 
during the installation and determine which will be the default, too.  As 
always, be very careful when working on your partitioning, it is easy to 
erase partitions and leave yourself with a broken setup.  Make sure you 
review your selections carefully before completing the installation.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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