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New Fedora GTK Theme

Hi community,
	I'm Andrea Cimitan (aka Cimi), a gnome themer from Italy. :)
Probably you had known my name in gnomelook.org, there I'm Cimi86, and
I've created a lot of themes like Murrine GTK2 Cairo Engine
http://cimi.netsons.org/pages/murrine.php) and Candido Themes.

I was thinking about a new proposal for Fedora Core GTK look.
Do you know that Ubuntu has "Ubuntulooks" as default theme engine, so I
thought "Why Fedora couldn't have Murrine?".
Feedbacks on gnomelook.org and polls on Ubuntu Forums hilight that
Murrine is the favourite Engine of Linux Desktop users.
That's why I'm proposing to you.

Murrine is a new-conception GTK2 Cairo engine, it was a fork of
Clearlooks code with a lot of improvements and bugfixes: its best
feature is surely the "options" through which the users can easily
change the look of all the themes (There's a GUI here:
The engine is completely without bugs (it features support from gnome
devs like benzea that helped me in the bugfix process) and it is is
incredibly fast, nearly 50% faster than Clearlooks-Cairo and more
if you compare it to Ubuntulooks.

I think fedora could _at least_ add murrine to a repository, and then I
can provide a fantastic color scheme for the fedora desktop.

This is my proposale, I'm absolutely available to support you and to
start a good discussion on it.
I'm sure you will take care of these ideas so we can start a
constructive thread to support or against it.

See you!!

Cimi - Andrea Cimitan

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