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Re: New Fedora GTK Theme

On Thu, 2006-11-16 at 15:19 +0100, Andrea Cimitan wrote:
Il giorno Thu, 16 Nov 2006 09:03:16 -0500
Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> ha scritto:

> Some more comments before I move on to something else:
> - It would be much more readable to use enumeration and named values
>   in the rc files rather than cryptic integers:
>         glazestyle = 1 # 0 = flat hilight, 1 = curved hilight, 2 =
> concave style
>         menubarstyle = 2 # 0 = flat, 1 = glassy, 2 = gradient, 3 =
> striped
>         menubaritemstyle = 0 # 0 = menuitem look, 1 = button look
>         menuitemstyle = 0 # 0 = flat, 1 = glassy, 2 = striped
>         listviewheaderstyle = 0 # 0 = flat, 1 = glassy
>         roundness = 5 # 0 = squared, 1 = old default, more will
> increase roundness
Murrine Configurator is solving this problem.
95% of users use Configurator to Configure their themes, so there's no
problem related, and probably it will be a problem makin the opposite.
I think that with strings people may write mistakes in typing and
integers prevents this.

Honestly, I think you have your numbers wrong here. I'd expect it to be
more like 1% of users who would ever consider using a tool like the
configurator. And I disagree with the whole idea of having engine-specific configuration tools. If anything, such things should be
part of a tweakui like tool that can handle multiple theme engines.

But for discussing a default theme, it is completely irrelevant. The default theme must be good as is, no tweaking required.

Another thing is that with "integer" i can make >= == <= comparations
in the engine so i can enable/disable features in a simple way.

well, enum values are also integers when the arrive in the engine...

> - While these knobs to tweak are certainly nice, the one thing that
>   most people want to tweak in a theme are the colors. I would 
>   personally be much more interested in themes which make use of
>   the new symbolic color mechanism in GTK+ 2.10 to create 
>   "recolorable" themes.

When there will be a GUI (i.e. gnome 2.18 will probably features this)
then I will certanly manage that improvement, even with you if you know
how to manage it in the right way! :)

Yes, all I'm saying is that since we will have gnome 2.18 in FC7, it would be good to consider symbolic colors now when discussing a new
default theme.

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