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Re: directions in Fedora desktop project

On Mon, Nov 27, 2006 at 06:01:13PM +0100, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
> There are the more or less readonly or readprotected lists, there is a
> general fedora-list, one for martketing,... - This list is the best

You have to subscribe to the lists to post, yes.

> guess I could make although I assume desktop means desktop enviroment.
> Anyway, I just want to post this now.


> My general criticism is that Fedora is not a real community project.

Depends on how you define those terms.

> This can clearly be seen by the mailing list structure (as the future of
> Fedora can not really be discussed by the users). Fedora has stated to
> be a meritocracy (

Users can discuss all they want (and certainly do). You want to influence
what happens, start *doing*. Meritocracy means exactly that.

Matthew Miller           mattdm mattdm org          <http://mattdm.org/>
Boston University Linux      ------>              <http://linux.bu.edu/>

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