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(fonts) wikipedia challenge

It looks like with all the fonts from FC6 and Fedora Extras, I
can display almost every font from http://wikipedia.org/

Almost!  There still appear to be 4 fonts missing from Fedora
that are used on the wikipedia front page.  We also lack some
glyphs in for example the Canadian Aboriginal Syllable, as
used by the Inuit and the Cree (and others?).

I remember when Linux had no truetype fonts and almost no
special fonts (10 years ago), so I am impressed that we have
gotten this far.

Right now I'm at that "so close, yet so far" frustrating

Does anybody know if there are freely redistributable fonts
available that would allow us to render the remaining languages
out of the box?

Is anybody willing to help search?

Is this a worthy goal for Fedora Linux 7? :)

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